Objectives of the training:

  • Strengthen the capacities of the various decision-making spheres in public administrations as well as in the sector of diplomacy and multifaceted cooperation services in Africa;
  • Ensure the mobility of knowledge and skills across the continent underpinned by African principles and values and open worldwide;
  • Build and develop an elite and knowledge capable of rigorously taking charge of the various issues related to the development of African States with regard to current issues;
  • Ensure high-level careers in the National and International Public Service in diplomacy as well as in large companies operating in Africa and with the countries of the African continent.

The training program offered aims to provide participants with the necessary tools for a better knowledge of the African and international environment, for more effective results. To do this, particular emphasis is placed on: the authenticity of the approach, multidisciplinary, and the diversity of profiles of learners and trainers, all in a friendly atmosphere.

Number of modules: : 12

Language: The modules are provided in French.


Program :

ModuleDate (provisional)DurationSpeaker
General Ideas and Theories of the State06/026hProf. Stéphane MONNEY MOUANDJO
Diplomatic Practices and Usages in Times of Crisis07/026hH.E.M. l’Ambassadeur Jacob W. PASGO
Principles and Practices of International Negotiations08/026hH.E.M. Ambassador Jacob W. PASGO & Dr. Stéphane MONNEY MOUANDJO
Introduction to Public International Law09/026hPr
Intégration économique et droit des affaires
dans les pays africains (OHADA)
Cultures and Practices of Administrative Governance in
African Countries
11/026hProf. Stéphane MONNEY MOUANDJO
African Perspective on Regional and Global Peace and
13/026hPr. Wullson MVOMO ELA
Foreign Policies of African Countries14/026hPr. Wullson MVOMO ELA
Democracy and Elections in Africa15/026hProf. Stéphane MONNEY MOUANDJO
Security Governance and Globalization16/026hBrigadier General André Patrice BITOTE
Intercultural Management and Gender Management in Africa17/026hPr.
Governance of Regional International Organisations18/026hProf. Stéphane MONNEY MOUANDJO
closing remarks + graduation ceremony

Course Syllabus:

General Ideas and Theories of the State:
Introduction to the major theories and ideas of the State;
The historical dynamics of the idea of the state;
Contemporary crises of the state: towards the invention of alternative models of the state.
Pratiques et Usages Diplomatiques en temps de Crise :
Les grandes traditions et pratiques diplomatiques ;
Quelques exemples et tendances actuelles.
Principles and Practices of International Negotiations
The major trends and principles of negotiations;
Typology of negotiations;
Introduction to Public International Law
Introduction to international law;
The main principles of public international law;
Major trends since 1945: the transformations of PIL since 1990 – the revolution of the 2000s.
Economic Integration and Business Law in African Countries (OHADA)
The dynamics of economic integration in Africa;
EI institutions;
Changes in business law in Africa;
OHADA and current major trends.
Cultures and Practices of Administrative Governance in African Countries
The principles of governance and exception in Africa;
Major trends of governance in Africa;
Weaknesses, limits of RPG.
African Perspective on Peace and Regional and Global Security
Geopolitics of crises;
African perspectives on peace and health.
Foreign Policies of African Countries The major trends in the foreign policy of African countries; Historical and circumstantial determinants; Structural and cultural biases, new trends.
Democracy and Elections in Africa
The democratic question in Africa;
Key concepts;
Contextual and legal determinants;
Some contemporary examples and challenges.
Security Governance and Globalization
Principles and trends;
The determinants (historical, strategic, operational);
Crisis management and prospects.
Gender Management in Africa
Context, principles, and operationalization;
Trends, some templates.
Governance of Regional International Organisations
Principles and variables;
Common trends;
Crisis management.