Following effective registration (confirmation email received from CAFRAD and signature of the contract of engagement), the participant undertakes to:

  • Respect the training schedule: The training takes place face-to-face. The participant as well as the administrative team is required to respect the calendar of course dates and times. The participant is also required to free up his/her schedule to attend all the courses.
  • Consult the documentation made available : concerning the syllabus and the training program in order to have a preliminary idea of the modules that will be taught as well as their presentation.
  • Alert the CAFRAD team in the event of: withdrawal, problem (if any) encountered in organizing his/her trip to attend the training, or any other problem thereto relating. The CAFRAD team is available to the participant in case of difficulties that may be encountered before and during the training period.
  • Financial commitment: The participant, once the training contract is signed, undertakes to pay the cost of the complete training to CAFRAD by transfer to CAFRAD’s account (provided in the contract of engagement). The cost of the training amounts to $1,000.

Please contact CAFRAD for instructions on the chosen payment procedure.