The world and our continent are experiencing important changes that call for equally important reforms in the area of training. The imperatives of strengthening the institutional and professional capacities of public service agents and private sector institutions constitute a major challenge which no country or institution can objectively ignore.

Today, more than in the past, strengthening, diversifying, improving and adapting the training offered to the environment are becoming essential factors for better facing globalization and curbing the crises and various problems they generate.


It is in this sense that the Pan-African Academy for Interregional Cooperation (APACI) has set up an ambitious programme to support public and private institutions, particularly those in charge of cooperation, with the aim of making them more able to face the new challenges arising from globalization and the renewed attraction for Africa in a particularly complex context of international relations. This is why APACI has considered that it was important to provide African States and institutions with new tools and knowledge, and more adapted to this new environment.Académie Panafricaine pour la Coopération Interrégionale (APACI) a mis en place un programme ambitieux d’accompagnement des institutions publiques et privées et singulièrement celles en charge de la coopération, avec pour objectif, de les rendre plus aptes à faire face aux enjeux nouveaux nés de la mondialisation et le regain d’attraction pour l’Afrique dans un contexte particulièrement complexe des relations internationales. C’est ainsi que l’APACI a considéré qu’il était important d’apporter aux Etats et institutions africaines des outils et savoirs nouveaux, et plus adaptés à ce nouvel environnement.

The very high-level training provided by APACI gives the right to a certificate called ''Certificate of Aptitude in African and International Business Administration'' (C4AI) thanks to carefully chosen curricula intended to meet the current needs of African decision-makers of today and tomorrow or those of decision-makers from other areas wishing to work in Africa or with African countries.

The Academy aims to constitute an avenue for encounters and knowledge where Africans and non-Africans, driven by similar ideals, share another view of the world of governance and its transformations.

It also aims to be a place where the principles of Responsible Public Governance (RPG) operate and live in a realistic way in a complex world, where singularities do not exhaust the realities of an increasingly interdependent environment.

Finally, it is a place where an authentically African and resolutely universal thought is assumed, created and recreated. A space where another relationship to public affairs is happily constructed, another relationship to the logics that structure public action both on an African and universal scale.

The APACI brought together in its first two editions more than twenty participants around a dozen of carefully chosen speakers, thus consecrating a great success of this project and the promise of future successes for the institutions of Africa and in the service of Africa.  

Date and place of the first edition: from 04 to 14 February 2019, Tangier, Morocco.

Date and place of the 2nd edition: from 17 to 27 February 2020, Tangier, Morocco.